Two universes, one expanding and the other shrinking.

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What if we had two universes, one expanding and the other shrinking, these two universes are connected to each other, surely the size of an expanding and shrinking universe is near infinite, but in the shrinking universe, it gets to a point when when all joins together and the amount of energy is as one, could this create a big bang? if so maybe the universes change roles, the big bang creates an expanding of the shrinking universe and as these two universes are connected, the force of the big bang will create a shrinking universe as the one that is currently expanding. The big bang must always suck the energy of the other universe, meaning whenever there is a big bang due to the shrinkage of a universe, the two connected universes change roles, one shrinking one expanding.

Basically two universes, one expanding one shrinking which change roles when a big bang occurs, the big bang occurs when the shrinking universe has reached a point when the energy is as one, creating another big bang.