Can an aether model account for time better than the standard model?

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D. Cooper:

As far as my "need to develop my theory further," or to "describe it better," I don't see where any great improvement should be needed.

I will admit, though, that your request for how my theory would relate to "light clocks and rates of time" was a pertinent case to use as an example of how my theory works.

Again, maybe in a clearer way, my aether model is extended to the light clock/time question like this: the clock's intrinsic high level of light energy would heighten the magnetism level around the clock, because the light energy, mediated by photonic aether energy units, and electromagnetic energy, mediated by electronic aether energy units, are very similar at the aether level. The aetheric light- and electromagnetic- units both are highly linear. Their energic vibratory "arms" would extend beyond the borders of the larger quantum units (quantum photons and electrons.) These aetheric extensions, or "arms," are what heighten the local magnetic field around the light clock.  At the vibratory, aetheric, level of resonance, an aetheric unit or "photonic" would be most likely to resonate with another aether photonic unit, but might also resonate with an aetheric electromagnetic unit, as a "secondary option." -The basic resonances are at the aetheric level, with the "photonics" and "electronics" having vibrational properties that are similar, but just different enough, extended to our quantum level, to produce their different physical manifestations (one, visible light, the other, electronic phenomena.)