Discuss: Does Airport Security Really Make Us Safer?

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Travel by air has increased by over 60% in the last decadeand annual global air traffic is expected to reach 3.6 billion passenger journeys by 2016 meaning that there areat least 1 million people airborne aboard planes at any moment in time. But, as air traffic grows, so do concerns about smuggling and security. So keeping people safe is a major priority; but the processes can be intrusive and can also cause unpleasant delays at airports. This week we’re looking at how technology - both old and new - can help to alleviate the hold ups and improve safety.Plus, in the news, the science behind fighting the flab, how spiderman has becomes a reality and why bankers have a tendency to cheat...
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Cool ! Thanks Chris and Kat for insightful stuffs.
I know this site since the date Chris Smith shown up in ABC Future Tense. I loved at first sight.