Can air act like a non-Newtonian fluid in the presence of an electrostatic field

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Can we create a bullet proof shield from a polarized electromagnetic field, in the presence of an electrostatic field?  Can we generate a polarized magnetic field where the field extends from the person to be protected?  Can the positive pole of the magnetic field face out from the body of the person with the negative pole of the magnetic field fixed at a distance away from the body?  In this circumstance couldn't we create an electrostatic field that would impart a positive charge to an incoming bullet? Then as the bullet enters the outer field its momentum causes it to accumulate positive charges, then as it approaches the positive pole of the magnetic field, which is near the surface of the person's body, the two positive poles, the positive charge on the bullet and the positive magnetic pole repel each other.  As well the negative magnetic pole away from the surface attracts the bullet.  Could such a design create a shield to repel or deflect bullets?