Can we use magnetic scaffolding to control stem cell tissue regeneration?

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Each cell in the body has the master programmatic map.  Each cell has inherent geotemporal knowledge about itself and uses this information to trigger subroutines in the programmatic map.  Each cell in the body knows precisely where it is at in the map through chemical, electrical signaling.  Each cell in the body knows the relative time of the body also indicated through chemical signaling, i.e. telomeres. 

Current tissue engineering controls just the spatial orientation of cell re-growth. Tissue engineers build glycogen scaffolds to fix the position of tissues, affix differentiated cells, then let positional programming grow the progenitors into fully functioning normal tissue structures.  They don't try to manipulate the temporal aspect of DNA programmatic function.

We have many examples of the DNA geotemporal process gone haywire, cells following functionality that shouldn't exist at their relative location or functionality that shouldn't occur at their relative time. 

I adhere to the idea that as long as we know we have a good map, we can positionally fix, make constant the geospatial aspect of cell signaling, and thus only have to adjust the temporal side of programmatic variables.

In some cancer research, scientists have infused cells with magnetic markers not only to detect cell position, but also to control cell location and to destroy cells reaching targeted cancer.  It occurred to me that we could create an accurate magnetic scaffold to the precise form of any body structure, inject stem cells to the area, and spread cells across the programmed shape through magnetic manipulation.  Using this process we could precisely control the location of the stem cells.  Any stem cells that migrated away from the scaffold could automatically be destroyed by magnetic resonance energy acting as a barrier, only reactive to the infused stem cells.

With the geospatial aspect controlled, we would then merely manipulate the temporal signaling of surrounding tissues, to induce cell differentiation in the stem cells.
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