Should you starve an injury?

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Should you starve an injury?
« on: 10/12/2014 23:06:04 »
Medical experts tell us RICE for injured limbs, that is rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  What if that advice is wrong?  Look medical science tells us the body repairs itself, using stem cells from adipose belly fat, skin, and bone marrow.  Now medical doctors want to treat injury by removing stem cells from the body and injecting them at the site of the injury to help heal the body.  Why can't I just get my own stem cells to migrate to the injury?  Then it occurred to me perhaps your body already has mechanisms for that, but the standard medical advice for injuries actually interrupts normal healing cycles. When someone is injured, they lose their appetite, could this loss of appetite actually be a mechanism to release stem cells from adipose tissue in the belly?  As the body burns adipose fat to sustain itself, could it actually at the same time release millions of stem cells into the blood stream?  How does the stem cells know where to go?  This could be where the bodily reactions at site of the injury come into play.  At the site of the injury, you have pain and swelling.  The pain causes abnormal electrical signaling and could act as a beacon for stem cells, that along with the heat build up at the site of injury due to inflammation.  Stem cells could have trigger mechanisms reacting to increased heat and electrical stimulus at the site of the injury, causing them to activate their functional mechanisms to differentiate to heal the injury.  The standard medical practice is to ice the injury and elevate the limb to reduce swelling, but this practice may reduce the needed signaling for stem cell activation.  Rest and compression however would aid the process.  Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed by the doctor may also impair natural body healing process associated with stem cell activity.  Further if we review wellness activities people engage themselves with each can be shown to have as central process electrical stimulation, increased heat, and loss of appetite, all possible symptoms of natural stem cell healing process.  Look to saunas, spas, and hot showers.  Look to weight training and yoga.  Why do you feel better after conducting these activities? Maybe it's because the natural stem cells in the body are activated and are healing you.  All is not lost for the medical practioner, for they could artificially create electrical stimulus and heat along with prescribed caloric decrease to harness the body's healing mechanism. 
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