If E=mc^2=hf, Does light itself possess gravitional attraction?

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Imagine a group of photons coming from the sun,  time t1 since emission from the suns surface at radius Rs (0.6955 million km), travelling at the speed of light c=3*10^8 m/s.  The mass of the sun is 2*10^30 kg.The energy emitted at the surface of the sun is 3.846×1026 W= J*s which is the luminosity of the sun.
The energy density of the sun is 3.846E26 J*s/(4*pi*6.955E8 metres)^2
It exists along the geodesic phi1,theta1 from the centre of the sun.
So it exists at the vector point.
Einsteins tensor calculus should be used to express this geodesic.
It exists in spacetime. And at every such point there are n(lamda1,t1,phi1,theta1) photons and this could be expressed as spacetime photon density depending on their distance from the sun ,  their emission location, assumed to be the surface of the sun, and the luminance of the sun.  The energy drops off with the square of the distance from the sun,=L/(4*Pi*r^2) as does the suns gravitational field according to G *m1*m2/r^2.

At this point in space,  there are 5 billion years approximately of sunshine from the sun that have already been emitted.  They are in the past, and exist outwards in space from the point t1,phi1,theta1.   These past photons leave a gravity cone shell wave in the past that spreads outwards at the speed of light according to Einstein. 
In other words,  there is a cone shell emananing into the past from t1 outwards from the sun at the speed of light with centre line.
when t=0,  that is the moment that the photons start to disperse into their future.

From t=0, a gravity cone shell exists into the past, which represents the future of these photons.  All these past emitted photons are affecting t=0 photons with their gravity cone wake.  This cone shell can be expressed as an infinite progression of circles with angle alpha tracing out the circle at distance c*(t/sqrt(2)+t1).  Then x,y,z are expressed as:

x=[c*(t/sqrt(2)+t1)+Rs]*cos(phi1)*cos(theta1) + [c*t/sqrt(2)]*cos(alpha)+

y=[c*(t/sqrt(2)+t1)+Rs]*sin(phi1) + [c*t/sqrt(2)]*sin(alpha)+

z==[c*(t/sqrt(2)+t1)+Rs]*cos(phi1)*sin(theta1) + [(c*t/sqrt(2))-cos(phi1)*cos(theta1)*x-sin(phi1)*y]/cos(phi1)/sin(theta1)

This effect on the gravity at point t1,phi1,theta1 must be integrated into the PAST, assuming there are no other masses in the way, they can be added individually later with their respective orbits.
G=6.67384(80)*10^(-11) m^3/kg/s^2
h= 6.62606957(29)×10−34 J·s[
N1 = (561 nm/4)*L/(Pi*h*c*[(c*t1*cos(phi[1])*cos(theta[1])+Rs)^2+(c*t1*sin(phi[1])+Rs)^2+(c*t1*cos(phi[1])*sin(theta[1])+Rs)^2]) for yellow light
N2=L/(4*pi*(x^2+y^2+z^2+Rs)/(hc/561nm) dt for yellow light
In actual fact these two factors should both be for a distribution of light from radio waves on up to x rays and cosmic rays,  with energy intensity per frequency,  spread spectrum, lines and all.

This integration is accomplished as follows:

Integral(0 to 5 billion years*3600 s/hour*24 hours/day*364.75days/year—t1,t) integral(0 to 2*Pi,alpha)  G * N1*N2*h^2/c^2/(561nm)^2/[(c*t1*cos(phi1)*cos(theta12)+Rs-x)^2+(c*t1*sin(phi1)+Rs-y)^2+(c*t1*cos(phi1)*sin(theta1)+Rs-z)^2]dt*dalpha

So according to Fermat, light takes the path of least time from origin to destination, and according to Young’s double slit experiment, light can behave as a wave or a particle,  wave – particle duality and quantum mechanics and Energy-Mass duality depending on how it is observed.  This leads to the idea of God-No God Duality, depending on the observer.  Quantum mechanics states there has to be an observer for anything to happen , and this begs the question as to what the observer was when the Big-Bang occurred.
The anthropic- coincidence duality depends also on the observer.  Very many very rare events occur and conspire to create life,  from the formation of galaxies because of the cosmological constant to the magnetic field of the Earth, to Earths position in space relative to the Sun, to its abundant minerals and water.  Far too many rare coincidences.  The anthropic principle states that if the constants of nature were only slightly different, like the mass and charge of protons and electrons or the mass of neutrons or neutrinos,  then the universe and life as we know it probably would not even exist.  Even the Periodic table of the Elements is so perfect. Maybe chemistry itself is conscious on some level and strives towards order if there is an energy source, witness mitochondria, the krebs cycle and photosynthesis and hemoglobin.  Why are all these things so perfectly set,  coincidence or a higher observer, a designer, a creator.  Then again,  how much do we know about how to construct babies in the womb,  yet we create them all the time.  Perhaps the observer is just passing on some ancient code to our universe, like we pass DNA to infants.  It might not be all knowing.  This begs the question of infinite regression.  Perhaps our universe was born from a tunnel or wormhole in spacetime behind a huge black hole/Singularity in another universe.

The formula above shows that light does not travel strictly on geodesics,  but is more subtle than that.  Eddington could not have detected such a difference in the early 1900s (20th Century).  Geodesics are a good general approximation,  but reality is more subtle.  And the subtlety counts.  This subtlety is a calculable and testable hypothesis with Gravity Lens data.  Reality is more subtle still in that each light ray at every Planck space-time gives off a gravity wave and receives an a very large number (almost infinite) of gravity waves from all other sources in the Universe at varying times along its path.  In that sense it is stochastic,  but stochastic is not an accurate enough word.  It isn't Brownian motion.  It is Bayesian Markov probabilistic.

A huge vector generated by the cone pulls photons forwards out into space acting like anti gravity,  and other vectors from planets , suns, galaxies, black holes bend the path according to least time travel,  downhill skiing all the way.  The Earth is a back Eddy of negative entropy,  with much entropy being recycled and returned back into the eddy in useful ways.  Some not so useful.  Witness the huge island of plastic waste in the Pacific ocean.  It could be mined and recycled if we had a mind to.

Keep in mind the anti gravity of the other stars and galaxies in the sky.  The famous Hubble Telescope picture of a tiny .1 arcsecond by .1 arcsecond region of the night sky holding hundreds or even thousands of galaxies, each with about 100 billion stars. Then imagine the whole sky in all directions, then imagine all the galaxies farther out behind these that we cannot see , and perhaps will never see.

Imagine what happens when light first encounters the edge of the universe.  They arrive first on the scene don’t they?  Perhaps not,  perhaps there are other forces or particles or energies that travel faster still, like imaginary Tachyons in science fiction.
We still do not know all the intricacies of wormholes,  or all the subtleties tied into consciousness of nothing, and something,  of something out of nothing, of dark/enigma energy and dark/enigma matter that probably exist since there is physical apparatus that can measure these supposed imaginary quantities that are supposed to be responsible for the expansion of the Universe and the missing mass algebraicly.

The only thing to fear is fear itself to quote an ancient quote,  and dark matter might be fear itself!

 Witness the kind of anti-gravity that a virtuoso viola or violin or cello player can achieve like yo yo ma and yehudi menuhin and the wonderful music of the spheres from ancient greek times. Imagination knows know bounds, and the story and setting are everything.  As Einstein said,  Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Witness Walt Disney.
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