RW Coefficient Disinfectants

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RW Coefficient Disinfectants
« on: 18/09/2006 05:47:53 »
Hi , Is there any Significance  of RW Coefficient of Antiseptic Disinfectants,claimed on the the packing of these bottles ?


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Re: RW Coefficient Disinfectants
« Reply #1 on: 02/10/2006 15:03:31 »
As far as I know, the RWC is calculated by comparing the concentration of a disinfectant required to kill a certain number of germs in a certain period of time to the concentration of phenol required to achieve the same result in the same amount of time.

Overall it doesn't sound like a terribly useful measure considering the staggering biodiversity found in the world of germs.  It's really just a comparison to phenol's activity.  In fact, I believe it's also called the phenol coefficient.