Last Step of Evolution: Viruse

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Last Step of Evolution: Viruse
« on: 04/01/2015 23:23:59 »
I think life happend because matter wanted to resist time. (but that's a very different story..)  It shaped itself in so many different forms to achieve best (that's evolution, nothing new yet) . While doing that, it was aware of (somehow) what it can consume to continue it's persistence.
Before any life, best energy source on our planet was the light. Matter shaped itself to be able to consume light and first autotrophs (plants) were formed. They were succesfull on  surviving. So they replicate and spread out to all globe.
Than, matter saw that 'There're hell outta organic food around. I think it will be unnecessary to produce my own food anymore. I can just hunt the autotrophs' and first heterotrophs (animals) formed. (fungi might be a transition between the two).
(Also other plants evolved to comsume chemicals which are known as chemoautotrops today)
Finally, matter realise that 'All of the planet is full of living things with the same components (DNA, RNA, organels and cell membrane etc.). I don't have to own any organels or membrane because I can find them from other livings.' So it formed into a viruse. It leaved all it's components expect it's instructer molecule, DNA. (or RNA in some cases) The DNA is same for all living cells. It means, a cell can't tell the difference between it's own and a viruse's. With this way viruses can get control of any cell they want.
This final form of matter is my favorite. Because it's just a pile of atoms stick together in the right way. However it can control other livings. It doesn't need anything to live. It isn't even living always, like others. However still best at it's purpose, resisting time...

**Sorry for my bad English