Discuss: Why do pigeons bob their heads?

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Discuss: Why do pigeons bob their heads?
« on: 06/01/2015 15:51:38 »
How do chameleons change colour? Why do pigeons bobtheir heads when they walk? How do railguns work? Can you freeze dry a body? What causes localised hair-loss? What's the best way to cool down beer? Why can people suddenly lose senses? Plus, an update on Ebola.
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Re: Discuss: Why do pigeons bob their heads?
« Reply #1 on: 22/03/2015 23:18:34 »
Hi all, I recently read this article ( newbielink:http://genev.unige.ch/en/headlines/83 [nonactive]) about how chameleons change their colour and it says "that the changes take place via the active tuning of a lattice of nanocrystals present in a superficial layer of dermal cells called iridophores" and not via colour pigments. I understand that the research was published after this podcast, but as I read this article I remembered listening about chameleons here and thought I would comment about it. [:)] [:)] [:)]