Cosmic inflation or maybe condensation from "quantum foam" ??

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Instead of super-luminal inflation following the big bang singularity -- is it, perhaps, feasible that it was really some sort of condensation of the "quantum foam"?

I know from beans about the quantum foam, but if it (who knows?) pre-exists the big bang, then might not what we know as space time actually be some sort of condensation of it? Something like a crystal being dropped into a supersaturated solution


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Imagine a universe that arises from a singularity, that is a black hole. There could be considered no outside as nothing can escape to an outside. If it explodes for some reason this is still the situation as it expands. This results in an expanding horizon. This is now what we call the Hubble sphere. You have not actually ever left the confines imposed by the original dense object in your locality. This is akin to saying that an exploding black hole would transform into a type of white hole where the space is expanding too fast for light to enter the system from any possible outside bulk. The unknown in all this is what happens when a system crosses the expanding horizon.