Why gravity of earth all attraction toward earth,, no repulsion (MORE EVIDENCES)

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′ Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion  (    MORE EVIDENCES)

(Please publish:  Various proofs and evidences that prove why gravity of earth is the making of attraction gravity. (Pls. refer to deciding untold  revelation per bottom paragraph “Why a feather and an  apple fall down at the same rate inside vacuum chamber”).

What was supposed to be one of the most simple questions in physics turns out to be the greatest unsolved  mystery in physics: what is gravity, why is gravity  all attraction, no repulsion?  Why is gravity of earth all attraction toward earth? According to Eminent Scientist, Isaac Newton, gravity is one word: “attraction”. .  Eminent Scientist, Dr. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, saw gravity as the property of space, a non-force  curvature of space,  called spacetime,

There exists an inexplainable  natural law of opposite with positive ad negative property,  that is inherent at the construction or emanation of the universe that cannot be lost nor destroyed in billions centigrade nor billion of years, but its behaviors  can be deduced  as it  is operating up to now.  This universe was constructed with the unlike-bind (positive binds negative property) winning over the like-repulse attribute (negative to negative,, positive to positive), otherwise, this visible universe would not have existed. Without such binding, call it attraction, there would have been no formation and solidification of matters in the universe. Observe: all galaxies, stars, planets all have north pole and south pole, plants, human beings, man, woman, atom, quarks, have, each, built- in positive - negative  binding property. Earth is entirely composed  of atoms , each atom, with inherent positive - negative binding property.  At the heart of atom are proton and neutron, and in the heart of proton and neutron are  still smaller substance, called quarks which consist of UUD-DDU, top-bottom, implicating contrast: positive and negative.  Electron appears not  all negative. Without dual electrical lines of positive and negative on which electrons is transmitted,  no complete positive-negative electro-magnetic light is possible .  That is why an electric motor can be made to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Neutrinos has ultra diminutive mass, has positive and negative. Dark energy and dark matter could have been the predecessors of the construction of unlike-bind universe. In short, the whole universe has make-up of inherent positive and negative binding property,  of the natural law of opposite, with many manifestations, (see a bottom  paragraph “The Unified Field Theory”),  the behaviors of the natural law of opposite can be observed in bar magnet which possesses undeniably and empirically such inherent positive and negative of the all encompassing natural  law of opposite:

The behaviors of the inherent law of opposite as unraveled  inherent in bar magnet are as follows:
(a)   A bar magnet  is divided equally into positive side and negative side.  Cut and cut the bar magnet into smaller pieces and each cut- piece has positive side and negative side! It is unexplainable why each cut-bar divides itself into separate positive side and negative side .Such behavior  means positive property and negative property is one! It further means that positive property and negative property are not fixed, it is ambivalent, is directional. Point to one direction, it becomes positive, point to opposite direction, it becomes negative. No wonder an electric motor can be made to rotate counter-clockwise and clockwise.
(b)   Because each cut-bar magnet has positive and negative, it  means the unlike-bind behavior is not only on positive side, it is too on negative side (negative to positive binding) of bar magnet!  And the like-repulse behavior  is not only on the negative side (negative to negative repulse) of bar magnet: it is on  positive  side ( positive to positive repulse)  of the bar magnet! .
(c)    Because positive and negative are one, it  proves there is no monopole which to date has and will never be found.
(d)    The forming of divided positive and negative in each  cut-piece of bar magnet happens on the same spot of each cut-piece,  not the north pole of bar magnet transferred to south pole of bar magnet, nor vice versa. (the same thing happens with the reversing of  earth polarity, re- the reversing, directional, happens on the same spot, not the north pole of northern hemisphere transferred to southern hemisphere, and vice versa)
(e)   Cut the bar magnet into further  smaller pieces and place in a pouch. Note the positive of the cut pieces binds the negative of other cut pieces. Of cut-pieces with like-repulse ends meeting one another, shake  the pouch  until  positive meets negative  and binds. This is the cause of the construction of the universe. 
(f)    Here is a revelation, unbelievably overlooked and taken for granted, but very, very significant revelation:  Hold and contact the positive side of the bar magnet to steel plate and it binds. In like manner, hold  and contact the negative side of  bar magnet to steel plate and it binds too!!!  Why? The bar  magnet has overpowering magnetic unlike binding property than the steel plate which  unquestionably possesses same inherent but weak positive property and negative property. Thus, the  overpowering positive property of the positive side of bar magnet  directly sucks/PULLS out the flippable ambivalent  weak negative property  of steel plate . In like manner, the overpowering negative property of negative side of  bar magnet overpowers, pulls out the weak positive property in the  steel plate, thus, it binds!  How much overpowering? The gravity of earth can give a clue, gravity of earth is six times greater/overpowering than the gravity of the orbiting moon. 

Now,  the binding property of the giant  earth originates from its deep core interior  and  up to surface , thus, has  overpowering unlike bind property, compared to all diminutive matters, animate or inanimate, on surface of earth, including atmosphere and  portion of outer space.  . Here is what happens in northern hemisphere: the  overpowering  positive  property of the northern hemisphere   suck/pulls out   the overpowered  flippable, ambivalent diminutive weak, negative property  of all state matters on surface of earth, including atmosphere and extension gravitational field at outer space , and forced to bind with the overpowering positive property of northern hemisphere,  the direction of the binding is toward the  center of earth.  In like manner, in southern hemisphere, the overpowering southern hemisphere’s negative  property    sucks/pulls out, or caused to flip  the  weak positive property of all stated supra diminutive objects, atmosphere, etc. in said southern hemisphere,  the sucking/binding of attraction gravity is toward the  same center of earth. That is the reason why gravity of earth  is all attraction toward earth, NO REPULSION neither on northern hemisphere nor southern hemisphere!! .

A nutshell of similarity between the gravity of earth and magnetism of bar magnet. Just like bar magnet that divides into  equal positive and negative, the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere of earth automatically divide itself too to  equal northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. As each cut-piece of bar magnet divides into positive and negative on the same spot of the same cut piece, the reversing of poles of earth happens on the same spot where it was before, never the whole north pole transferred to south pole of earth, and vice versa. The gravity of both ends of north pole and south pole of earth is greater by half percent than in the bulging equator, just like bar magnet whose opposite ends have the greatest magnetic property.

Here are more  signatures how attraction gravity operates,  other than the magnet and steel bar experiment: A person  electrocuted (say,16mA more or less) by open live electrical wire  experiences in many cases  that he/she is stuck to said live wire and  difficulty is experienced to release the hand, because the weak electrical impulse of the person is sucked/pulled by the binding strong electrical impulse of the electrical wire. An IPAD or IPhone has strong electrical impulse (1mA up) than a weak electrical impulse (0.3mA or less) of the hand that touches the screen, because the strong electrical impulse of  IPAD/IPhone  sucks/locks, binds the weak impulse of the hand touching the screen..

Gravity of earth is, itself, unearthly a trillion times weaker than a magnet (that is why gravity of earth  is believed different from magnet but it is not, both are the manifestations of the same  all encompassing law of opposite) that can lift a nail  but in outer space, the entire gravity of earth, jointly with the locked entire gravity of the moon, becomes a whole lump sum magnetic force,  galvanized, becomes a gargantuan  unison force that  billions of tons of sea water on earth is raised every time the moon is overhead. That the tide is raised on earth every time the moon is overhead is the strongest, undeniable visual evidence  that such raising becomes a created physical force, call it, gravitational attraction, the result of  the  tug-of-war gravitational  pull between the  moon and earth. 

Why a feather and an apple  fall down at the same rate inside the vacuum chamber

Various experiments on gravity  in vacuum chambers on earth had/have been performed, re- subjects such as apple and feather , feather and ball bearing,  feather and bowling ball etc.. all experiments affirmed/confirmed that all stated subjects  fall down at the same rate, therefore gravity is not what Newton described as  “attraction”,  because light or heavy objects FALL DOWN AT THE SAME RATE inside vacuum chamber THEREFORE. AS ALL SUBJECTS, LIGHT OR HEAVY, FALL DOWN AT THE SAME RATE, GRAVITY IS NOT DUE TO ATTRACTION GRAVITY OF EARTH.. Is that conclusion correct? It is not! Here is the explanation: Earth has ultra weak gravity, but because of its giant size in outer space,  has inherent transcending  gravitational field that reaches far out to outer space. On the other hand, the apple, feather, Ball bearing, etc. have no gravitational field, thus, inside the created vacuum chamber , the   stated  subjects,  which  have, nevertheless, inherent  all-encompassing  positive and negative property, but no gravitational field,  cannot reach out from their shells. On the other hand,  earth has gravitational field that completely encompasses all the inside and outside the vacuum chamber, that is operating!!,  that pulls downward uniformly all stated subjects at the same rate, why?  because there is no air inside the vacuum chamber  to hinder the fall, the direction is toward the interior center of earth. The vacuum of vacuum chamber is imitated to vacuum of moon and outer space. The fall in vacuum of the moon is like this: Astronaut David Scott dropped a feather and a hammer, and  both fall at the same rate because there is no atmosphere at the moon. Now, finally,  in vacuum outer space wherein  an satellite, with astronauts and  repair equipments outside, all move at the same rate because there is no atmosphere in frictionless  outer space to hinder the motion.  The fact that anywhere on earth the vacuum experiments are performed, all  are pulled downward toward center of earth, no repulsion, implicates decisively that  attraction gravity of earth, re- unlike-bind, is the real thing. One of the strongest evidence that attraction gravity is real in vacuum is in vacuum outer space, the  tug-of-war between earth and the moon in outer space and  the lifting of billion tons sea water on earth.

The unified field theory:

The unlike-bind property of the opposite law has many manifestations: as it manifests on surface of earth and outer space, it is called gravity, as it manifests in electricity as in generator, it is called electromagnetism, as it manifests on quarks, it is called strong force, as electricity is undeniably detected in bosom of quarks, it is weak electrical force. This is the unification of four fundamental forces of the universe.

 The relationship  of spacetime,  gravity, and light:

There are three phenomena that occupy completely all of outer space: Spacetime,  gravity, and light. All have electro-magnetic property of the law of opposite.  Spacetime  appears  stationary, the non-force skein of space, without which as medium, both electro-magnetic light and gravity cannot travel at 186,000 miles per second.

(Shortened from copyright article :Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion (more clsarity Dec. 2014)
Jose S. Aldea
December 2, 2014

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By: Jose S. Aldea

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Quote from: bingbisnar19
(Please publish:  Various proofs and evidences that prove why gravity of earth is the making of attraction gravity.
That's incorrect. It's impossible to "prove" anything in physics. That's a common misconception. All that can be done is to demonstrate predictions made using the theory to be consistent with observation. That in itself cannot be considered to be any kind of proof.

In any case I see that you've once again chosen to tackle this problem without first choosing to learn physics first. You've gotten many things wrong in this post. The same things you got wrong the last time and which you thought was due to people who posted the mistakes they found to be a result of not understanding the article. That's not a valid argument since all you're doing is saying "You just don't understand what I'm saying" which is not an argument of any kind. To be an actual argument you have to state what's wrong with what they've said and then argue that you're right and why. We've told you this before and you keep ignoring it. Why?


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That is a very long post. Probably meant to confuse or bore the reader more than anything. I got so far through it and stopped because so much was pure speculation with no concrete theory at all. You link things together that just don't fit. I won't be reading any more of your posts, which is a pity because you may decide to learn something and actually come up with something interesting one day.
Fixation on the Einstein papers is a good definition of OCD.


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That is a very long post. Probably meant to confuse or bore the reader more than anything. I got so far through it and stopped because so much was pure speculation with no concrete theory at all. You link things together that just don't fit. I won't be reading any more of your posts, which is a pity because you may decide to learn something and actually come up with something interesting one day.
The worst part of his post is that most of it is word salad, i.e. terminology pasted together into sentences which may make sense to him but in reality makes no sense at all because he's not adhering to standard physics terminology.