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« on: 22/09/2006 01:41:24 »

 What do you believe to be the aim of Progress as we know it today?
For all of the ever-increasing new inventions, technologies, energy-dependant machinery of all forms: What is the Aim of this? As a collective of true creators here in this world, what is it we are trying to create?


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Re: Progress
« Reply #1 on: 22/09/2006 03:04:33 »
less work for us



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Re: Progress
« Reply #2 on: 22/09/2006 04:23:25 »
More money for someone (although, as Gecko has mentioned, it may cause unemployment for someone else).

OK, in general, to follow on from Gecko, it is about increased productivity (i.e. more output with less labour), or a strategic or political advantage (e.g. a military advantage), or to provide entertainment (and thus more income for the provider of that entertainment - as the saying goes, give them bread and circus).