how to hack the human mind in terms of coffee?

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how to hack the human mind in terms of coffee?
« on: 13/01/2015 07:19:32 »
since this is a science-based forum, i was wondering if i may get some practical answer that translates to actually usefulness.

my experience with coffee have been very extraordinary, i discovered the "folgers instant" brand some years back. and that stuff was incrediable in terms of buzz for me.  there were a lot of positive powerful effects for me.

just to name some elements : crazy high creativity(thoughts would just come to me in good amount), crazy high euphoria(perhaps laced with super high confidence, unfazed by most problem one may encounter, and this elements carried on while in usage which has been years.  problems don;t get me down and pleasuable experience seem better due to this effect.), and seemingly above to process several thoughts at once(prioritzing order in which action should be carried out very well)

and this is just to name key effects that come to mind.  and also another good thing on this is the euphoria carries over a good amount over to the next day when you wake up even before you renew the effects.

but then here when problem started to happen.  the brand just seem to suddenly went bad, acquired a toxic-chemical taste and the effect seem to be missing as well.  i can't be sure how this happened but seem to coincide with the change of ownership(smucker bought folgers), so i don;t know if smucker did something bad to the product somehow.

i eventually substituted folgers instant with other brew brands but i never really found one that was any where as potent as "folgers instant" was when it was in it's heyday.

brew coffee i tried: folgers, maxwell house, cafe du monde and some others lesser known ones

instant coffee i tried: maxwell, nescafe, jacobs, and so on

non coffees: guarana, matcha, guayusa

the thing is nothing i tried seem to come close to the effects "folgers instant " had.  current on 365 everyday brand ground coffee, the line seems aromatic so i don't doubt the freshness.  its light roasted,it does have some buzz but no where close to as strong and as many different positive effects as "folgers instant" was.  an another interesting thing i discovered is 10 minute french press produces a weird bad buzz for me.  and 4 minutes produces a better buzz.  but those brewing literatures suggested the longer you steep the more caffeine comes out...

anybody experimented with brewing to get an ideal buzz with no negative feelings attached?

ok so i can't go back to "folgers instant", but is there some way to brew coffee grounds a certain way to get a better/stronger buzz. theories? ideas? science?


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Re: how to hack the human mind in terms of coffee?
« Reply #1 on: 13/01/2015 15:13:33 »
Was Folger's instant coffee the first type of coffee you ever drank? The change in effect could just be developed tolerance. Your description of effects sounds very much like the effects of caffeine for a non-coffee drinker. Eventually the body builds a tolerance and even dependence, and the "high" cannot be achieved again without a taking a long (and painful/groggy) break before starting again.

The sudden change in flavor could have made the gradual reduction in effectiveness appear more sudden.

Just a hypothesis...


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Re: how to hack the human mind in terms of coffee?
« Reply #2 on: 13/01/2015 18:58:32 »
Something like an Italian Espresso can give a person a buzz....
You can have it as a plain shot (or 2 or 3), or mixed with other stuff such as a Cappucino (foamy milk), or the French style, Café au lait.

However, I've found coffee is like an uphill battle, always trying to get a little more buzz, and perhaps trying to recover where one was previously. 

I have now been caffeine free (except for chocolate) for a couple of years...  I still miss it, but I was getting too much caffeine earlier.