Driving forces in reality

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Driving forces in reality
« on: 24/09/2006 10:50:02 »
this is another one of my infamous late night sleep depreived, alchlohol induced posts....
but i was thinking alot about what drives our universe?
is there a higher meaning or purpose?
is there any purpose at all? (a conclusion i find very true is that there is no meaning to the universe, nothing matters)
All i know about as a driving force is the increase in entropy...
but what about things like synchronisity? whats the deal with them. do they play into entropy
can something be so unorganized, that it appears ordered...is synchrinosity simply that bizzare chance.
also is there a quantatative measure of entropy, if so how much does it change every second universe wide?



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Re: Driving forces in reality
« Reply #1 on: 24/09/2006 15:21:51 »
Where did your desire to search for meaning and purpose to the universe, your
universe, arise from? For what purpose are we "impregnated" with the desire(instinct) to search for an all encompassing purpose to Everything?  Do not deny the desire, which all men possess, to discover the Truth.

Concluding Nothing matters does not satisfy you, does it? It is why you still ask the question, and it is why you are still searching for another answer. It is good.

 No one will give you a satifying answer. There are billions of books, each with thousands of words,and still none have answered the real questions We all ask. There will never be any "proofs" of meaning that can be concrete, certainly not in words. Thousands of new books will be published everyday, still none will answer you to satisfaction. Abandon your search for the answer "out there" in books, or even in words. None of your questions will be answered in words. Ask the question and simply let the answer come from the Nothing that does matter.