New method calculates fine structure constant and up-down quark mass

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Hello all
I am an engineer and crackpot amateur physicist who has the audacity to claim that I have discovered a mathematical method for calculating precise values of the up and down quark mass which also connects the electromagetic force with the strong force. I do agree with only a laymanís understanding of the Standard Model, I had a better chance of winning the lottery than making a meaningful contribution to science. But something remarkable happened in that my factor analysis found the lowest multiples at an up-down quark mass difference of 2.5867MeV over a wide 0.1-38 MeV mass search range.

Please check out a summary of my work at newbielink: [nonactive], where you can also download my papers. Being an outsider, I have no audience in the field of physics. Hopefully, you will find my work compelling enough to pass on so that one day my discovery may itself be discovered by the scientific community.