Could non linear travelling waves in the brain be a form of chemical computing?

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I have read some articles on how the study of travelling waves (resembling diffusion reaction) in slime moulds is influencing chemical  computing.

I would be interested to know if chemical computing is also looking at how travelling spiral waves (resembling diffusion reaction) in the cortex/retina. 

I am particularly thinking of the work of Paul Bressloff and Nicholas M. Wilkinson on such travelling waves, but there are plenty of other researchers who exploring what purpose these waves might have in the cortex and retina.   
Paul Bressloff havs developed a simple reaction–diffusion model of CaMKII translocation waves

He has also explored travelling waves in binocular rivalry and common geometric hallucinations

Meanwhile those working on chemical computing are looking at the potential of diffusion reaction for information processing -

e.g and

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