Why does a fever make me feel cold?

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Why does a fever make me feel cold?
« on: 08/03/2015 14:17:27 »

Three  questions to be answered during fever.
1.As you are aware, during fever body temperature of a fever patient  increases. But   he never feels any symptoms and properties of   increase of heat mentioned in  the facts   of physics.But we can see all the properties and symptoms of decreasing heat mentioned in  the facts   of physics.The heat of fever does not creates any  discomfort or difficulties to the patient.The fever patient never complaints about the discomfort due to the  increase  of heat, instead he  shows  an affection towards heat producing articles.why?
2.Normaly body temperature  is 37 0C and atmospheric temperature is 33 0C in kerala. During fever, body temperature increase to 40 0C and body starts shivering , even with the difference in temperature is just 7 0C .But without fever body may start shivering only if the atmospheric temperature is going below 17 0C, at temperature difference of  20 0C .So during fever just a 7 0C  difference in temperature causes shivering ,but without fever more than 20 0C required to shiver, why?
3.Buffallows manage body temperature by immersing their body in water. But during fever, they keep away from water. Why?
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