Darkmatter is the state/Som of the universe!

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Darkmatter is the state/Som of the universe!
« on: 08/03/2015 20:51:00 »
How does a atom keep his pressent shape how do things become constant and big and small what does it say? Just want to talk some filosofy feeling a bit strange! I can tell a beautifull story about everything how want to listen to my brain made by the universe outoff pure gaos my brain ain't as smart as the atom but it is independend please dont make a hive out of us! So I am saying darkmatter is the som of the universe and it flowing treu us! If you are a true scientist please dear me! Sorry for the bad spell check just not intrested In spell checking are you? [;)] So you cloud call darkmatter the brain of the universe and the atom...I think that black and white big and small all messeurments are just a illusion lets say relative it would not exist without time-spacematter darkmatter.  [:o)] A HIVE JUST HEARD IT ON TV WHO IS THE QUEEN BEE WE DO NOT HAVE ONE just because you can think about some things does not mean it is reality check analise your conculsions please dont burn the witches again! I Understand live is a journey but let ME Go the wright way lets not take a wrong turn and take a ending road! My glass is filled lN middle [:o] [?] it is now suprise cant find anyone willing to listen to a RAVING MAD PERSON BEY BEY Than..
SO MAYBE you FIND IT DIFICULT TO MESEUR DARKMATTER BECAUSE IT IS CHANGING FASTER THAN LIGHT!!!! AND HAS NO LIMIT or lets say a beginning or ending I MEAN DONT TRY TO MESREUR IT LIKE U DO MATTER matter is creating the dark matter i suposse and dark matter is creating and changing matter the glass is filled in the middle! [;)] or brain is made of darkmatter and of course matter so dont try to compaire yourself with matter only! People really you think I am that crazy knowone wants to answer? Thanks, qoute form tv serrie bottom you basters... Luckly i believe the butterfly theory so dont worry! [O8)]
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