The Big Bang

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The Big Bang
« on: 11/03/2015 10:37:17 »
Science presently suggests a big bang theory, a big bang from a singular point that space-time started from and all matter was made.
Before the big bang science says that nothing exists, not even space or time.
Science also says that the Universe is expanding and space is expanding  with the observed matter and beyond the expanding space there is nothing.

All evidential Physics of this Earth show evidently that for anything to expand, the anything needs space to expand into.

All evidence of observation is relative to matter and not relative to space.  Space is un-observed and transparent.

I propose that the expansion of the Universe is dependent on the matter travelling through space and space itself does not expand.

I propose that the blackness background of space is no different than localised see through space(transparent) and that any matter or light emitter in that boundary of visual limitations  is to small to see by perspective distance and vanishing points, also any light is too weak to be seen by distance giving a perceived observation of a blackness background and an expanding space, the comparison to being within a box.