Unlocking the secrets of the universe

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Unlocking the secrets of the universe
« on: 18/03/2015 12:20:44 »
How do astronomers learn about the Big Bang? By studying fossilised photons in light left over from the origin of the Universe...
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here

or [chapter podcast=1001012 track=15.03.17/Naked_Scientists_Show_15.03.17_1003457.mp3] Listen to it now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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Stephen Watson

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« Reply #1 on: 21/03/2015 17:27:21 »
Universe size and/or expansion!

Thad Roberts suggests that the red shift we see in all objects is not that they are moving away from us (and the Universe is expanding) but that the light has travelled so far (billions of light years) that the red shift is caused by quantized space time and has slowed somewhat so inferring that the Universe is not expanding faster than the amount of known matter allows.

If this is considered does it mean that objects even further out can only be seen in the infra-red spectrum as the light would have slowed down even more and dropped below visible light?

For objects even further out could it be that the light has slowed even more and dropped into the radio frequency spectrum? (lots of 'background radiation' which may not be left over from the big bang after all but just slowed down light). If we calculate the amount that light would have had to have slowed down to land in the radio frequency spectrum would this give us an indication of how far these waves have travelled if they started off as light? It may be several thousand billion light years!

If we extrapolate this even further could the light waves from many millions of billions of light years away have slowed down to the point where their vibrations have dropped into the audible range and, if so, no longer be detectable through a vacuum. One could speculate that the universe is indeed bigger than we can perceive and we can only detect its presence through waves until these waves have slowed to the audible spectrum and are no longer able to travel through the vacuum of space.

Just my thoughts.

A Nerd from Lancashire UK