Do Dark Matter and Dark Energy exist in a compressed dimension?

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Hello all.
This is the first time I have considered writing to a forum and although I have no physics qualifications there is an idea that has been going around in my head and some questions at the end of my thoughts pasted below.  I would be happy to recieve any of your insights and wish to thank you in advance for providing them.

Once again thank you.




As humans we have evolved to survive in what we called the three dimensions, length, width and depth.  This allows us to grow as a species and to separate events with our human concept of time as we travel and also pass through the seasons. 
However I believe that this has focused our understanding of the world around us somewhat blindly where we use these dimensions as a corner stone to theorise further into our appreciation of the Universe. We believe that any further dimension(s) will be just added to our three dimensional model and that they would co-exist equally and happily rather than contrast.
I believe that as humans we should be aware of our own self-imposed concept of dimensional limitation. Furthermore we should acknowledge that our measurements of distances within these dimension(s) are not the fixed distances we may like to believe.
With the very large forces that science has discovered in relation to our expanding Universe theory and the inability to see where these forces are coming from leads me to the conclusion that they do not appear in our human concept of the three dimensions.
This leads me to consider an extremely dense dimension where our concept of three dimensions virtually do not exist and where energy builds up due to atomic forces.  This new compressed dimension I put forward appears to exhibit the Dark Matter and Dark Energy forces which the science community are currently looking for within our human dimensions.

Compressed Dimension

 If we could imagine this other dimension it would behave like a much more densely packed plane which experiences energy build ups created by differing densities and decay pulsing within this compressed dimension whilst energy melds and dispels at an atomic level. Atoms are compressed as electro-static forces are kept in check by the strong nuclear force and gravity. Electrons and protons are dormant uncharged particles within the nucleolus leaving it influenced only by the “strong nuclear” as the controlling force and “weak nuclear” and “gravity” as the weaker forces.
Our three dimensional space is affected by these forces from within the compressed dimension differently depending on its location from and the strength of the local compressed matter and also where these two dimensional planes directly meet as in black holes.
Compressed Matter Dimensional Explosion

In our concept of time significant energy build ups within this compressed dimension do not occur frequently.  This explosion occurs when an energy build up within the compressed matter dimension causes a bubbling out explosion as massive amounts of energy and compressed matter meld, with the three dimensions resulting as particles within the nucleolus separate and take on the necessary energy to become electrons and protons which then exert electromagnetic force repelling other similar particles.  Our space also appears to come into existence almost instantly as explosive energy not initially melded with compressed matter comes into contact with other compressed matter and opens further bubbles of three dimensional space.
Initial time cannot be measured at our rate as our three dimensions are rapidly being created following these explosions allowing also for further individual high energy incidents to occur as smaller separate amounts of compressed matter expand.  Light energy is stretched and pulled as it chases the changing new limits of its space with distances rapidly changing. After these explosions, time as we understand it now can begin.   
This has occurred many times in our Universe and may be the centre of all galaxies from which, matter and energy originated from an initial explosion, are still spinning around.
To confirm, our three dimensions are a result of a massive reaction within an area of the compressed matter dimension where it overcomes the primary strong nuclear attraction.

Black Holes

Black holes are portals between our concept of three dimensional space and the compressed matter dimension caused in two ways. One way is when a gigantic star, within our three dimensions, explodes and then implodes under its own gravity whilst continuing to use and expel its remaining energy.  This gravitational strength is so large that it forces a reduction in its “electro-static” energy until it mirrors matter from within the compressed matter dimension and is absorbed back. Another way is when a galaxy is born via an explosion from within the compressed matter dimension where energy is added.
We have observed light appearing to bend as space is warped by gigantic gravitational forces that compress the three dimensions and that light cannot escape a black hole’s event horizon, ever appearing to bend in, and when our three dimensions are about to disappear (electromagnetic) light becomes energy absorbed into the compressed matter dimension. This energy may go towards the creation of another compressed matter explosion.
When our three dimensional model fades then our concept of time stops.

 Atoms, Fields and Energy?

How much energy would be necessary for the dormant electron and proton parts of a nucleus within the compressed dimension to overcome the strong nuclear force and how much energy would you get back from this process starting with the creation of a black hole and the three dimensions collapsing? How much of the mass could you convert to energy when considering reducing the three dimensions?
Should field carrier waves need to be massless as they exceed the speed of light?  Or do magnetic, electric, gravitational fields act outside of our three dimensions whilst affecting local areas within our three dimensional model of the Universe.
How do electric and magnetic waves behave if “distance” within a three dimensional model were suddenly reduced due to the immense gravity when a black hole is created? Do the waves compress (increase their energy) and force energy to expel from their atomic centre?  Field strengths can be altered or change.


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Quite a long read but I'll try to find time to go through it.

First thoughts after skim read:
Other dimensions have been proposed that are in no way similar to our own, and the search is on.
Is your compressed dimension similar to degenerate matter?
Not sure if electron loses it's charge in that theory.

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Hello Colin2B.

Thank you for the “ Degenerate Matter“ pointer.  After reading up about it there are some similarities’ but there are also a few points where my pondering differs.

The main difference was in relation to the method of the compression and then how this matter would contrast outside of  our three dimensional space.  In my idea the compression of space by an enormous gravity force would also affect wave lengths (by reducing distances within three dimensional space) being emitted from the electrons and protons within the mass making those wave lengths into higher energy ones which then result in the electrostatic force within the nuclei being depleted.  As a result of this reduction in the repelling force, and the gravity, the mass would become much denser  and  our perception of three dimensional space disappear with the creation of a black hole.  Light would become energy trapped within this compressed matter.     

Please accept my thanks once again for the pointer.  I will look further into degenerate matter as it appears that this type of research will open new information into what and where dark matter is.

My apologies in not getting back to you earlier but I have been busy at work and have tried reading up on this subject during the quiet part of my night shift.

My thanks again.