How do I make ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) solutions?

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I need to make 50mg/L EDTA as a preservative for 900 500ml bottles and I have struggling to calculate with the formulation!  [:-'(] The problem is I only have 100g of EDTA concentrate powder.

I can only work out for dosage for 1L bottles and not 500ml bottles :(
So far I have:
50g/L stock solution - each 1L bottle dosed with 1ml = 50mg/L EDTA
10g/L stock solution - each 1L bottle dosed with 5ml = 50mg/L EDTA

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the 500 mL bottle are half the size of the 1 L bottles, so they will require half of what you calculated for the 1 L bottles.

You could make a 5g/L stock solution and add 5 mL of that to each 500 mL bottle, or make a 25g/L stock solution and add 1 mL of that to each 500 mL bottle. If you already made 50 g/L or 10 g/L stock solution, just add 0.5 or 2.5 mL (accordingly).

How close do you have to be to 50 mg/L? (is 51 mg/L ok?) If you are making these for a titration, or other quantitative analysis, I recommend using the 5 g/L stock solution--this should minimize the random and systematic errors...
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