How can pollution increase your risk of anxiety?

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Living in an area with high pollution levels could lead to increased stroke and anxiety risk.

Read the whole story on our website by clicking here

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Re: How can pollution increase your risk of anxiety?
« Reply #1 on: 27/03/2015 12:02:55 »
Correlation is not proof of causation.Where do you find lots of pollution? In cities. where do you find stress and anxiety? In crowds. Where do you find crowds? In cities.
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Pollution and anxiety
« Reply #2 on: 28/03/2015 22:50:35 »
Alan - with respect, it does say "associated with" and reference is made to the confounders. But, if you read the paper you'll see that they have actually attempted to control for many of these variables, suggesting that the findings are robust and biologically plausible.
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Re: How can pollution increase your risk of anxiety?
« Reply #3 on: 28/03/2015 23:25:17 »
Interesting studies Chris. Now I just have this nagging feeling left, that as long as we don't reach a 'critical thresh hold', related to the balance between what a 'individual' need to have done, or if you like society expects him to have done, before his or her demise, nothing will be done, except more studies. That 'critical thresh hold' should probably have some parameters being 'instinctive' as in 'ageless', other dynamically introduced by different ways of living through history. It would explain a lot of it existed, as we do react even if it comes late. Environmental causes, as our general pollution of the Earth is a very slow mechanism humanly seen, though. So by the time global warming will be in full gear, I'm afraid we will be to late reacting, to really change anything. I hope I'm wrong.
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