Are a lot of small superconductors better then one big one?

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If you know anything about superconductors then you would know that it's only skin deep, the so called penetration depth is were most of the quantum action happens.

This is what I want to know, are a lot of thin layered superconductors better then just one big superconductor in terms of Meissener effect levitation strength? 

lets say I make one large superconductor disk about an inch in diameter which is an inch thick.

next I make 4 other superconductor disks which are 1 inch in diameter and  1/4 of an inch thick each.  I layer the 4 thin superconductors on top of each other...

If I pour liquid N2 on the samples and levitated magnets with weights on them which would hold more weight?


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I have never tried the experiment, but I would guess that the bottom disk would shield the upper disks, to a large extent.
However, if you laid the 4 superconductor disks side-by-side, I expect that they would support more mass, because there is no shielding effect.

There is another area where you want many small superconductors, and that is in superconducting wire.
The many fine wires provide more surface area, and more immunity to changing magnetic fields.
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