Lyrid meteor shower.

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Lyrid meteor shower.
« on: 17/04/2015 08:26:54 »
Anyone else excited about it? Here's a link to the news if you haven't yet read about it: "".

...So basically I was just wondering if someone on here might know a more specific time of the day for when we will be able to see them and which is the preferred direction to look at.

I know the two "about it's" in the first line looks weird, but I didn't know of another way to put it.
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Re: Lyrid meteor shower.
« Reply #1 on: 17/04/2015 18:48:02 »
It tells you on the page you linked to - later in the night is better as the radiant point is higher (which means the number of meteors that hit a given area of sky will be higher). You can look at the sky in any direction, but it's best to lie down and look upwards. If you look straight towards the radiant you will see shorter streaks of light when meteors hit as they'll be comming down towards you, while looking away from there will show longer ones. Light pollution may hide most of the action, but the best meteors will show through and you won't be missing much. Expect to be disappointed though - it's always best to expect nothing much to happen.