Could sex selection be a way to get around mitochondrial disease?

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Laurie M Warner asked the Naked Scientists:
I wonder if you could address why, when I hear the process of mitochondrial donation discussed, I never hear any suggestion of selecting the resulting embryos (or, more likely, donor sperm) for male babies only?  It seems like this would be a simple way of circumventing the concern about possible effects on future generations.  I'm not in favor of sex selection in general, but in the service of eliminating a rare disease it seems justified and unlikely to affect the ratio of the general population.  Perhaps there is a reason why this would be more difficult than it seems, or why it would not actually mitigate the concern of effects in the second generation and beyond?

I listen to "The Naked Scientists" and also "Ask the Naked Scientist" as podcasts, and look forward to them every week.

What do you think?
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