What was the earliest mention of the motherbox concept?

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Looking on the Internet for the answer to this question it leads you to Jack Kirby and the New Gods from 1971.  However I remember reading an old science fiction novel whose author or title that I can't recall.  In the novel an secret agent in a sci-fi setting was on another planet, with interplanetary travel standard, and the agent uses a motherbox imbedded in his brain, acting as an AI to help the agent with his missions.  The novel from the fifties also had cell phones, ATM machines, and credits instead of money.  The agent could also trigger a physical enhancement that would give the agent super reflexes and strength for a brief period of time before needing recharging.  This novel was from the 1950s or perhaps the 60's, I can't recall exactly.. The author wrote the novel in a serious, humorous style and I remember it being a quick read.  The novel almost parallels what we are going through in today's technology and I was trying to find out whether there was an earlier mention of the motherbox idea.


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Re: What was the earliest mention of the motherbox concept?
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I can't help you answer your question, but the book you mentioned has me intrigued. If you, or someone else, can remember what book that was, that would be cool. I would love to read it. ;)