Cyclical Gravity Liquid Pressure Air Bubble Ball Energy Generator

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The Invention is a cyclical energy device to generate electricity. The device uses a ball that can float in liquid but drop in air. The ball will rise in a liquid bottle chamber but drop in an air chamber to generate electricity. The liquid bottle chamber is sticking out of the liquid in the liquid chamber. The bottle chamber could be described as using the opposite affect of a diving bell. With a diving bell you keep an air bubble in the bell as you drop the diving bell down the ocean a diver can use the air pocket. Yet it is true that if you flood the diving bell then lift the bell half out of the liquid. You can pull a pocket of liquid up above the surface of the liquid that the diving bell is have submerged in. A submarine chamber is used to move the ball from the air chamber to the liquid bottle chamber. An air lock chamber is used to move the ball from the liquid bottle chamber to the air chamber.
The ball will drop down the air chamber generating energy, then be moved into an submarine chamber, where it then moved via this chamber into the liquid bottle chamber. It rises up the bottle liquid chamber then is moved into the air lock chamber. Then drops down the air chamber carrying this cyclical pattern out.



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I assume that this is the same invention that you posted at


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It is not possible to patent perpetual motion machines.  These are specifically excluded from patent law.  This is because they do not work.

It may look as if you can get energy from the falling or rising objects but you always have to expend far more energy moving them between the two chambers.
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well, this isn't technically perpetual motion, because the airlock and submarine chamber require more air/water than starts the process, therefore requires a type of fuel.  That is what makes it not perpetual motion, And is, in fact possible.  I might have a drawing later.

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