Can an Iron Man suit be made?

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Can an Iron Man suit be made?
« on: 24/04/2015 16:47:44 »
Yes, as some of you might have already guessed... I just watched 'The Avengers Age of Ultron' and was just wondering if an iron man suit can be made. Not that compact neither with the energy source to fly more than a mile. But, still flyable and smaller than a car; Is there even an energy source portable and powerful enough?
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Re: Can an Iron Man suit be made?
« Reply #1 on: 24/04/2015 16:53:16 »
It is possible, just not very useful (and quite dangerous).

I recommend reading the wikipedia article on jet packs (


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Re: Can an Iron Man suit be made?
« Reply #2 on: 06/08/2016 12:56:59 »
Some kid challanged me to design an working Flying Iron Man Armor to have the strength and power of an Iron Man suit you either need the most powerful battery in existence or a small nuclear reactor strapped to your back.Unfortunately the smallest nuclear reactors are the ones in subs.  I think running a turbofan engine through the coolant of a small reactor should give me enough thrust to fly. By the way the coolant would have to be around 900C to cause the air to work like a jet engine.The VHTR is a type of high-temperature reactor that conceptually can reach higher outlet temperatures (up to 1000 C); however, in practice the term "VHTR" is usually thought of as a gas-cooled reactor, and commonly used interchangeably with "HTGR" (high-temperature gas-cooled reactor). The nuclear reactor would give me nuclear powered servos that would increase my strength one hundred fold allowing me to carry all the weight. The thrust from the turbofan engine would be routed to my back my boots and my chest. Mini-guns and miniaturized missiles could be mounted as weapons. A liquid salt reactor could be theoretically miniaturized to the size of 3 meters cubed but that would make my armor the size of the Iron Monger that was showed in Iron Man 1. Also with a ten megawatt output I could mount a high energy laser or microwave cannon. Furthermore having a reactor on my back would probably kill me as the radiation output would be lethal long term. Also the aerodynamics of a human shaped armor would create problems in staying aloft. A sophisticated AI would need to run the reactor the thrusters the targeting controls and life support. A reactor running at temperatures of 900C would be unbearable even with thermal shielding.
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