Caffeine has no affect on me in larger doses?

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Caffeine has no affect on me in larger doses?
« on: 04/05/2015 14:10:50 »

I normally drink one or two cups of strong coffee a day and it really has no affect on me. Lately, i have noticed I have felt a lot more fatigued and decided to try caffeine pills( each equally a cup of coffee worth). I thought possibly pill form would work better. No affect with one, i tried two still nothing. I even had two and a large frappucino from starbucks and nothing. I do put sugared cream in my coffee is this why? I also had gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago. This affects my digestion/ absorbtion of vitamins and drugs. Can anyone give me insight on this? I sometimes just need a pick me up and nothing seems to work!


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Re: Caffeine has no affect on me in larger doses?
« Reply #1 on: 04/05/2015 15:05:16 »
Try going a few weeks without coffee and see whether the caffeine had no affect, or whether you were just dependent on it (if you feel much worse without the caffeine). A warning about taking high dosages of caffeine: even if you don't feel the effects mentally, it could still be increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. (not that a large frappuccino and 2 caffeine pills is likely to harm you, but I wouldn't go too much higher than that at one time...)

Also, I know it's obvious, but if you are suffering from fatigue, I recommend sleeping more (even just 30 minutes more per night will have you feeling much better if you're getting less than 7 hours)