How do I automatically insert a rolling date into an Excel spreadsheet?

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Hey all. I'm dumping way too much time at work into making this spreadsheet because, you know, spreadsheets are really cool and stuff. One formula has me stumped, though, and Google doesn't know either (I think).

What I want to do is have an automatically rolling date so that client X's next due date jumps forward one month after the date passes. So, for example, today is 5/15/2015. Say his bill is due 5/16/2015. Right now I want the field to read 5/16/2015, but on May 17th I want Excel to automatically update to the same day the following month (6/16/2015). Anyone know how to do this?
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Re: Excel Formula...
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Do you mean this type of thing?

You need "windows script host" (WSH) installed your Win OS , it usually is but just check "windows components" to be sure, and also get "Power Shell" from MSDN downloads.