Can laser tattoo removing be used for other operations?

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As an artist myself, I have found that colors work extremely well with appropriate backgrounds. Skin, however, would not be the most ideal. As Lynette K. Kennedy, Director of Clinic Practice at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal and Certified Laser Specialist, states in her article, tattoo ink has the potential to have antifreeze and denatured alcohol ("Tattoo Removal Guide."). Substances like these have a great potential to cause harm to the body through photo-toxic or allergic reactions. In today’s modern world, however, it seems as if the trend of getting a tattoo is becoming more and more shared. What seems to be hazardous and harmful, though, has aided in the development of laser research. The process of removing tattoos with lasers has become a phenomenon among people who wish to never see their childish or misshapen marks again. In fact, the laser industry has become more and more advanced with the understanding of the both the functions of the human body and of the laser. Science has been able to understand the process of tattoo ink within the epidermis as it is either being eliminated or captured in fibroblasts ("Tattoo Removal Guide."). With the help of research is has also been discovered that as light from the laser reaches the surface of the human skin where it is reflected off, travels further into the epidermis to be reflected off again, or finally makes it to the targeted ink particle, in which it will shatter it. This technology is magnificent in the way that it is able to penetrate into the human body and to target specific particles. With testing and modification this technology can be used for many different operations and targeting many more hazardous particles. On the other hand, this machine can also be more enhanced so that the reflecting light is not being wasted away. As of now, though, the use of the laser on tattoos has a positive effect on society. It allows for people to remove the unwanted marks that they have and allow for scientists to explore a more technological future.