THeory of life

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THeory of life
« on: 19/05/2015 18:53:07 »
If you want to imagine the unlimited, infinite world, you need to think about it like a circle in a circle in a circle, till the number of worlds.  The inner circle is this world. When the world peace comes, the science and technology of the humans will be significantly better, and they will be able to create a machine what can connect the minds, share the experiences and imagination, and create an artificial dream, which seems completely real.  This will be necessary for the young peoples and for the peoples who couldn’t learnt to live and respect life, to find the inner peace. (The constant fear of the women is necessary and happens for a reason. The reason is, without this the woman wouldn’t need a man, there would be a lot of relationship (because woman understand each other easier) and we couldn’t multiply)
The reason why there is war in the world, because we need to reach our own peace. In our self and in the world as well. To make this happen the life provides colourful personalities, and a special situation. The life and the Creator has made the way for our self to find out the simplest, most logical theory about life, about existence. There is only war in one world, after this we have a lot of life which is always peaceful. The life created so precisely this proves there is a bigger Intelligence than us.
We are far away from this technology, first we need to invent the organic technologies, and maybe the artificial intelligence is necessary as well. This is not a simple theory, this is the future.
To read this can cause a sudden trauma for the brain, if you feel mentally unwell after you have read this contact with a psychologist, psychiatrist.
Don’t panic, we are responsible about our future, we shouldn’t crate chaos because of a new theory.  The world is not gonna change quickly, first humans need a new hope.  Just be a bit nicer, dearer with others, and show to the rich peoples we are strong enough to change. I know there is a better, more peaceful future where the rich peoples can keep their richness, because we finally realise there is no happiness in money, we need to find our own happiness by  use our wise mind and become more conscious, more mindfulness.