Can you graft a geranium?

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Can you graft a geranium?
« on: 20/05/2015 18:18:39 »
I joined the Royal Horticulture Society in 1960 .Before that I asked a Question in my University,Can you Graft a Geranium,Anwser was No,So then i asked the RHS the same Question,Answer Never.
Then I found by Chance on the Internet America was Grafting Pelegoniums Quite Easy.Then I asked how they are doing This.I had another Email back telling me in the California Newspapers Dated 20 June 1872 a Califorenia Farmer Wrote he had Grafted a Zonal Geranium with Another Pelargonium and they Grafted Easy
Now just a Month ago Geranium Grating Experiment the eEhnobotanical Garden-Shroomery Message Board said they Grafted a Pelaregonium with Three Different. Pelargoniums, Of Three Different Colours On one Root.Grafted Easy,Pictures of Experiment on Iinternet,Now I have been told a Citronella Geranium which is Hardy Perennial.Could be Grafted with any Pelargonium,Also Now after the Experiment the Succulent Plant Page has said in 1789 all Geraniums including Pelargoniums come under Geraniaceae Family.Including the Genus Erodium Storkbills with 5 Stamens ,The Genus Geranium Cransbill 10 Stamens ,And Pelargoniums 7 Stamens.So have the Idea of Pelargonium being on there Own Changed,
Will we be seeing more grafting now taking place,on my papers at university it states that botany is not a true science because it is changing yearly what you think you know now ,could be changed in a few years
also reading when I went  to College was told you must only put a Very Small Part of Rooting Powder on Any Cutting because all Rooting Powder is made out of Weed Killer, Which could Kill your Plant, You Only need Very Little to Shock the Cut to Root,So now I find they are using Honey, Saying it is the Best But the Universities say Willow Wood is Best ,as there been a Experiment on this Yet, The Whole world of Gardening is Changing,And to be a good gardener we must know the latest things. we need some one like you to help us all.Can you help us keep up with the Times,  When will we know more about the Rose and its Genus Roscaeae.There must be more Families it can Graft Into,like the Cherry Grafting with the Plum,The Currants grafting with the Gooseberry.The  Tomatoe  Grafting with the Potatoe .More and More Coming out Every Day
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Re: grafting of geraniums
« Reply #1 on: 20/05/2015 21:01:32 »
Quote from: robertpeter
you must only put a Very Small Part of Rooting Powder on Any Cutting because all Rooting Powder is made out of Weed Killer, Which could Kill your Plant
Auxins are potent plant hormones.
  • Small quantities of auxins promote plant growth (including use as rooting powder, and to promote fruiting)
  • Excess quantities of auxins promote explosive plant growth which outstrips the plant's ability to obtain nutrition from the soil, killing the plant (as used in the infamous Agent Orange during the Vietnam War). 
Quote from: robertpeter
botany is not a true science because it is changing yearly
It is said that the total of human knowledge (as measured by scientific publications) is doubling about every 5 years. So perhaps half of what you know now will be superseded in 5 years time (OK, the basics of a field should not change quite that much).

This applies across many scientific disciplines. This especially includes the biological sciences (including botany), which are experiencing something of a renaiassance with the advent of economical gene sequencing technologies (and now gene tweaking too).

So I would have to say that botany is a real science, despite the comment from Ernest Rutherford that "Physics is the only real science; the rest are just stamp collecting" (often gleefully quoted by Brian Cox).

It will be interesting to see if the "Open Access" innovation in research publication will accelerate this growth trend, or is merely the next step necessary to continue this trend?


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Re: Can you graft a geranium?
« Reply #2 on: 03/06/2015 11:20:56 »
You are mixing your plants here.

Geraniums are geraniums, the pelargonium is the hybridised cultivar we tend to use in our gardens.



Pelargonium can be grafted with ease and it is possible to graft differing hybrids onto a single rootstock. You could, for example, graft a red flowering pelargonium and a blue flowering pelargonium to a white flowering pelargonium to give a single plant producing a patriotic red, white & blue flowering plant. Or graft a variegated pelargonium to a multi-bloom to give both flower and leaf interest. Or how about trying an ivy leaf trailing pelargonium to an upright to give a single plant that will fill the top and cascade over the sides of hanging baskets.

But these would only be novelty plants and really rather pointless. Since pelargoniums will readily root from cuttings, they do not need to be grafted to a rootstock.
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