Mercury's magnetic field is cosmically connected to the Earths magnetic field.

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Mercury gave to earth a magnetic field as it collided with the early earth. Electrically charging Earths salty seas as it left behind its crust, Earths land, and transformed the former ocean salt core planet (Earth). 
I also believe that our magnetic fields interact, possible dynamo, and when Mercury's magnetic field reverses, so to will the Earths magnetic field reverse by way of magnetic re-connection.  Mercury was the seed planet which transformed the early Earth with life, and gave to Earth its moon.  The land beneath your feet is extraterrestrial.

Also I have noticed clear patterns that it is the magnetic field which is responsible for evolution of life on earth.  during normal to reverse polarity interchanges according to the rock record.

Most important of all, The water on earth has always been on this planet, it is the land that came to us.  The earth indeed was a water world with a salt core.  The pond to Mercury's seed.