how the world of gardening has changed in 50 years

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nnow when you go to the Royal Horticulture Society Flower Show( or watch it on Television) it is all about setting up your Garden,Not about Plants any more which a Gardener Wants.
They still have the flowering Plants and Fruit Trees in the Main Marquie,But it is not the same as in 1960
Then it was about Growing your Plants Demonstration how to Graft, Bud .Layer, What you Need, Growing Seed Taking Seed. New Species to Buy .
You had a Phostrogen Soil Less Culture, Where they Showed you Tomatoes Growing full of Fruit in Water Phostrogen Water, Pelargonium Growing in Water. Fruit Trees Rooted Cutting which just have been Grafted. Roots in the Water the Plant in a Closed Glass Tank, Here the Air was always wet Moisture from the Phostrogen Tank the Root was in.
On a Stall just Pelargoniums they had Standard Pelargoniums,4 ft High. Which they said was only Three Months Old from Cutting, It was all in the Newspapers at the Time ,The Stall Holder would not tell how he Grew them so Fast, Perhaps Naked Scientist could tell us, ?
Then RHS Flower Show had it all,
You could not Buy a Book with it all In.Ii use to keep my own Notes how to do it,
First we need a list of all Plants you can Graft or Bud .And up to Date Compatible Plant you can use.What Stock Root you can use with each Scion.I know this is Changing all the time,
in my Own Book I Wrote
1/ Take a Piece of Root from a Fruit Tree
Take a Cutting from the Fruit you need as a Graft ,Graft Cutting on to Root Cutting,
or do I want to T-Bud,Bud a Fruit Tree, a Flower Tree,Graft a Fruit Tree or Flower Tree.
Llayer a Cutting.Is there any where I can Download  to my Computer  the latest Updates on Grafting a Scion to a Compatible Plant,
Next to use Rooting Powder .or Honey or Willow Wood to Root my Cutting what is Best,?
Do I need a Wet Atmosphere for my Grafted Plants,as in Phostrogen Earlier,
What is the Best Feed for my Plants,The Correct Mix in Soil .Or a Feed I can Mix with Water to give my Plants every Month or So,
Now the Latest is to Spray your Trees at Blooming ,To Help Fertilizer the Tree to have More Fruit is Spray with Watered Down Apple Cider, Have you heard this One yet, We all want to be good Gardeners But we all Need the where can we find this knowledge,
And as I have said now they are Grafting Pelargoniums.And have found Citronella Geranium which is Hardy,
Now on the Rose they say you can only Graft with Another Rose, Not to any other Roscaeae Family,But Again in America they have said what if the Wood of other Roscaea Family is to Hard at the Time of Grafting,What if you Grafted when the Stock was very Young just 6 Inches High ,Would this effect the Graft,Just a Thought