just writing....

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just writing....
« on: 22/05/2015 23:22:22 »
What is everything about?  Do we really understand how the Universe really works?  Do we really understand the nature of things?
 Things we think we understand, is this just really a perception illusion created  by history and our teaching practices of discipline, passed on generation after generation , explicit instructions memorised over time.
How many real facts is there when we consider theories such as the big bang and space-time etc?
Is time even a thing other than an arbitrary invention?
What is space, what is matter?
What are we if not  more than nuclear bio-products?
Do we really understand the nature of force and energy?
Is our life really a lie and made up from imagination of past?
Can something ever be without something else, is describing one thing the same as the next, is there a connection that we should be looking for?
Is the connection all that we have made by theory and said logic?
Are we even smart when our aim is to  deplete the planet of resources, like locusts in a field?
Do we really understand anything ? are we  not the stupidest of apes!
Many questions to answer and account for, humanity could not be a good thing, a  society we have created. 
In understanding what is everything about, we will probably never know with a certainty, the black background of space leaving an open imagination.   We can perceive we observe a small Universe or we can perceive we observe a large Universe, either logical assumptions have equal merit. 
We can also perceive an infinite or finite Universe, again both perspectives have logical equality.
One could presume these paradox type questions,  are equal valued pieces to a puzzle, and both pieces fit the same place in the puzzle.
We say Universe, defining all of the visual matter of space and space as a whole, when sometimes we should consider that space itself, is not visible to the eye.  We observe matter reflecting light through space.
When considering space, what is the value of space?  space has a value of dividing matter, better known as a distance. Any other value is hard to imagine or to consider of space.  Space-time, Albert Einstein's concept that explains an independent space-time, to imagine space having time is logically hard to do, it is simpler logic with better values to imagine dependent time of matter in and of a space. Again adding paradox to a question of what time actually is. Arbitrary time that we use everyday, is relative to decay, mainly our own cellular decay, if we were all immortal like space, time would be irrelevant.   
to be continued.....


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Re: just writing....
« Reply #1 on: 22/05/2015 23:53:03 »
It is important not to confuse observation with theory. The "nature of things" is exactly what we observe, but we continue to refine theories and models, and to define parameters (such as force and energy)  that allow us to predict future observations.

Beware of "should" and adjectives like "good" or "bad" things - these detract from the essential objectivity of science.
helping to stem the tide of ignorance


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Re: just writing....
« Reply #2 on: 23/05/2015 00:51:41 »
Box, i like some of the thoughts, original. keep writing.

without force there is no energy.

energy is the amount of force stored in a system/matter.

compressed air has energy. rotating flywheel has energy. when force is released, energy is transferred.

suggest you study atomic structure first. that's the basic of matter, everything else follows.

i am sure your iq is way higher than me, study/understand the basic ground of science, go from there. you'll solve some mysteries for sure.