Dark matter extraction and FTL use

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Dark matter extraction and FTL use
« on: 04/06/2015 23:00:31 »
A paper on Dark matter and FTL Travel
I think FTL Travel is going to be less complicated than originally conceived, like a very large amount of scientists my brain goes through an overload before I go to sleep and I will work out things that make very much sense. I need professional opinions on these theories before I can proceed especially someone to challenge me or to disprove the theory.

Dark matter is very strong topic at the moment but I think it has a very strong role in the universe other than its mysterious happenings with gravity. We have seen dark energy it's self on earth in the form of lighting. My theory is that dark matter is a neutral matter in the universe it has mass thus it interacts with gravity. Like how energy can be converted into matter, dark energy can be converted into dark matter. the build up of dark matter keeps galaxies together like one hypothesis states. Otherwise the galaxy should float of at a tangent to its orbit if it reaches a certain size but it doesn't because of dark matter, well that's what the theory is in a nutshell.
I think dark matter can be very useful because there are deposits of it and build ups of dark energy that get released. I feel it can't only have one job but is the reason why a lot of things happen that can't be explained. When dark energy is released in burst either from build ups of dark matter or high energy situations normally like thunder storms that energy can be harvested. Because energy can be changed into different forms I have a feeling that dark energy the neutral energy can also be changed into different energy types by using simple electronics. How well like how we can get lightning to hit rods and we use that to power a large amount of equipment for sometime. Well dark lighting, electrons with dark energy energizing them partially can be stored in graphene, like electrons normally can be. We can use this electricity to produce light for a LED. The light should be normal due to the standard equations for electrons and there mechanics. The light energy that's produced will have dark energy infused within it, The photons that are created can be directed through super cooled bromine gas, essentially stopping light and sticking the photons together, So a chunk of dark light is sitting there, that is dark matter that's now got colour a intractable dark matter, but it's still technically energy due to it being light. so we turn energy into matter, I call this the play-doh effect we can make the dark light energy be converted into a matter over a different element most particularly carbon-12 the matter will almost become the carbon but be made out of dark energy. So we have dark carbon. But this wasn't my first way of doing this. This way seems more likely to work thats all, as I have been writing this theory I have kind of come up with idea of using graphene and LEDs with supercooled bromine to created dark light blocks as a idea that i have only just come up with this as i have been writing it. The original concept was.
I reckon you could do this right from the start with out the LED. but have the lightning strike and then it be turned into matter there and then using neutron atoms. Atoms that are the size of a helium nucleus but made of neutrons. and the dark energy be converted into matter across this medium. Essentially a element with neutral properties with no protons a element zero. which i would like to appropriately name after my teacher the i would call the official element if this is ever proven Petrium. Because the matter doesn't have any properties we can give it some that includes a negative mass or at least it create a field that can give everything inside a negative mass with the sacrifice of the element. This is how it will work, like an electromagnetic field both electrons (charge) and Magnetism work as one force. Well this element can use its energy when a electric current flows through it to change the mass in an electromagnetic field depending on the polarity of the current. Due to my lack of advanced mathematics i do not know how to make formulate and equation for how the electromagnetic field would interact with actual mass of the matter within it. but I do know an negative electric current would lower mass and a positive electric current heighten it. I have a little bit of evidence on why that work that way, because of how electromagnets normally work. reverse polarity of the current and the movement of the object would be move down or up, Fleming left hand rule and an Alternating current. Finally the only thing to be explained why would everything in the field masses change, well as I said before I don't have an equation for how it reacts with the matter but because the matter is programmable it creates it's own new field, a mass effect field like that of the ones in the fission and fusion reactions. We literally give it the property to create a mass effect field when current flows through it. As the field gets created or how strong the field is determines how fast the element will break down because it needs to decay into energy for this property to be achieved. So like I said the sacrifice of the element is needed to create the electromagnetic field which within it will be a temporary mass effect field created by the element being destroyed into energy. Like regular fuel in life but we can harvest this fuel from you know like 88.7% in space. In a nutshell more current stronger field element breaks down faster.
Finally it's uses for FTL well The theory of general relativity states that anything with mass would take and infinite amount of energy to go the speed of light. But now we have a negative mass so that means einstines equation can now be rearranged to get how many times faster than light you would go so E=mc˛ would now be FTL=√Μ/Ε*c I believe this is right. again in a nutshell faster than light and if you have a very high negative mass the more faster you will go. 

this is not yet complete but a small insight I need a professional view I am open to criticism and to be honest I want to be disproved so I can work more on this to get it right.