What is the best way to get cuttings to root?

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What is the best way to get cuttings to root?
« on: 06/06/2015 13:09:02 »
Since last Year most Gardiners have found for Rooting there Cutting, The Ordinary Rooting Compound you can Buy in any Shop.Is not as good as Willow Wood .or Honey, a Scientist in America,Has said this has Caused lots of Arguing, "which is the Better" ,As their has been no Experiments on this Yet. We will not know, Now when I was at College 1960 a Long Time Ago, We were Taught that Phosphates Grew the Roots of Plants ,So is there any Phosphates in Honey or Willow Wood, This is my Question.
Also they now are Saying .if you were to Dissolve 2 Tablets of Aspirin into a Glass. Then Pour this into a Gallon of Water and Spray it over your Tomatoes ,It Fools the Tomato in thinking it has become Damaged, or has a Decease.So it Defends its  Self as there is Nothing Wrong with it, It Grows Faster .With more Fruit and More Leaves, So will this work on other plants.
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