Is gravity an electrical force?

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Is gravity an electrical force?
« on: 06/06/2015 16:35:38 »
  As shown in my book, "Cosmology of God and the Universe" by Gerald Grushow, the basic equation for the time of the universe is calculated by equating the physical force between two hydrogen atoms separated by a distance R to the equivalent electrical force between the same two atoms as follows:
    G Mh  Mh /R^2 =  2Uo (QC/137.036) [4pi Q Vb*] Cos30 /R^2     
Solving for the expansion velocity of the Bohr orbit we get: Vb* = 1.21667E-28 meters per second. This in turn gives a time of the universe: Tu = 13.7827 billion years since the initial formation of the hydrogen atom.
  In addition, in my chapter on the conversion of mass to charge velocity, where kilograms equal coulomb meters per second; the formula for the gravitational constant in terms of the electrical constant is:
  G = 16pi e Uo / (137.036)^3 = 6.67223E-11  Met^2 / cou sec