What is an anti-photon?

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What is an anti-photon?
« on: 06/06/2015 22:09:24 »
As I see it, the regular photon appears as a cylinder where the minus charge are on the outside and the positive charges are on the inside. As they revolve they produce north and south poles and this causes positive and negative sections to move forward and attract each other. However each section must jump one wavelength and they are always one half wavelength apart.The the photon is a fancy electrical motor. The anti-photon has the positive charges on the outside and the negative charge on the inside.
  The universe is full of both matter galaxies and anti-matter galaxies. Matter galaxies attract matter galaxies but repel anti-matter galaxies. This keeps them for destroying each other most of the time.
  The photon is very flexible. An antimatter photon will enter a matter galaxy. Sometimes it will be destroyed by a matter photon. However most times it will adjust to the galaxy it is in. Therefore the antimatter photon becomes a regular photon. Therefore it is difficult to detect the anti matter galaxies because their photons look just like ours.