Can we make sweatable insect repellent?

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Can we make sweatable insect repellent?
« on: 09/06/2015 02:50:02 »
Tad Davison  asked the Naked Scientists:
Just watching Sky News, and they're carrying a report on Mosquitos.  Scientists are now saying that Mozzies are attracted by exhaled carbon dioxide (which we know already) but also by body odour.
They carried out experiments on twins with an almost identical genetic make-up, where they were exposed to Mosquitos, and the distribution of the blood-sucking vagabonds between the two was almost 50-50. They then exposed other people to the nasty wee critters, and some were more prone to attacks than others.
The point I found most interesting, as someone who is a lover of milk, and used to do a lot of running in my youth, was the fact that researchers discovered lactic acid is a potent attractant.  Muscles that get cramp are bound with lactic acid, and milk does contain a lot of lactose.
Might it then be possible to produce a drug that comes out through a person's skin, to mask the smell of these substances, so we don't get eaten alive?


What do you think?
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Re: Can we make sweatable insect repellent?
« Reply #1 on: 09/06/2015 12:54:13 »
Some people swear by garlic, but there may be a subtle cultural influence here: some societies that consume a lot of garlic, don't consume a lot of dairy products - Chinese visitors often remark that the West smells of sour milk!

I've always used Avon "Skin so Soft" - reputedly discovered by a film crew working in Scotland to repel even yon wee midge beasties - but a reliable edible repellent would be a boon to mankind!
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