Is a good diet or supplements best for a healthy brain?

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Is a good diet or supplements best for a healthy brain?
Asked by Michael

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Re: Is a good diet or supplements best for a healthy brain?
« Reply #1 on: 23/06/2015 16:50:42 »
Food has no natural rhythm, which is why we smoke reefer and do drugs --- to get FLY

Supplements are white-powder abrasive industrialized washing powder formulas created and promoted by the well-informed

Vitamins, Calories, "Energy" and Illness to those who apply this consistently is a LIE

A healthy brain has to be able to read between words, concepts and FREESTYLE to create boundaries to break in order for non - rhythmic, limbic brain messages to be erased and for inviolability against brain diseases because SCIENCE is a hoax based on consistent measurements in a universe of Smoke, Mirrors and GENDER Interpretation

Does a woman see feel or taste things differently than a man ?

If so, is a different digestive science required based on the CREATIVE brain

Wouldn't have thought so, but this post holds weight

because ECSTASY is based on the

BRAIN orgasm

Most people recycle their brain's values INSTANTLY with a cup of TEA, not least a KFC or Joey's Pizza's or the dreary, ALCOHOL  ----  if it never gets to your head (pref, quickly ) you have no basis of negating it's effect or building STERILIZATION / IMMUNITY


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