Need help for a project (silurian period)

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Need help for a project (silurian period)
« on: 28/06/2015 16:27:54 »
Hello everyone ! Today, it's not going to be about dinosaurs.
I hope it's posted where it should.
Alright, thing is, I'm working on an independant video-game project about the Silurian period. It's supposed to be scientifically accurate, so I started documenting myself on the subject (that I knew well already).
I have all the infos I want about marine and aquatic life, but now I really need to know stuff like what "inland" grounds look like ? Was there dune deserts ? Rocky mountains ? What type of rocks ? Acid lakes ? Violent sandstorms ? What did and didn't exist back then ? To avoid anachronisms.
For the details, it is supposed to be located in actual Europe/North America during the Wenlock/Pridoli period (typical silurian).

And here are some early artworks that you might want to criticize : newbielink: [nonactive]


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Re: Need help for a project (silurian period)
« Reply #1 on: 06/07/2015 05:50:00 »
One thing the Silurian is noted for is iron-rich sedimentary rocks. Many of these are oolitic. Think about how ooids form and what sort of environment is necessary for hematite iron formations.
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