How all matter could have raised out of nothing

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How all matter could have raised out of nothing
« on: 29/06/2015 15:55:49 »
A few weeks ago I hit on the idea, how everything could have raised out of nothing. I don’t know, whether this theory is right or already exists, but that’s why I’m asking you.
Well, in our universe you can explain and describe everything with mathematics. Actually every physical event seems to be a mathematical one. If we understand that, then the mathematical description of nothing would be 0. But in mathematics is 0=1-1=2-2=2-1-1 etc. But when we refer that back to the material level, then 2 heaps of each different kind of power would be the same as the “real” nothing, if those two heaps would theoretically or in future compensate one another.
This would mean that our universe could be just a possible pattern of the “real” nothing. And perhaps all possible patterns of the nothing could exist right beside each other as plain possibilities.

If that seems to be logically, then another question appears. “Which are those two compensating powers?” The following is a suggestion, which makes sense in my opinion.
There are two main powers in our universe: The matter at the one hand (dark matter is included) and the dark energy at the other hand. They do the very opposite: The first one wants to attract everything, the second one stretches the space. Even though this is very converse, it is no compensation. So I suppose that the dark energy is not stretching the space, but shrinks the matter. If the matter gets reduced, the consistent space would seem to stretch. If we refer that to the string-theory, then the strings would minimize until they vanish one day. The equation would be the following:
Matter – dark energy * y time = 0

Because the equation results in 0, our universe could be a plain possible pattern of the nothing.
Does the theory seem to be logically?