How can elderly people keep themselves in good health in a heatwave?

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The news says that Europe is enduring a heat wave. BBC says that Brighton is sweltering at 35 degrees. Where I live it is 33 degrees today with 55 % humidity, and the house is comfortable with the windows open and a fan blowing. One wonders if English people are genetically distinct from American hybrids like me (with a dash of Chocktaw) or if Noel Coward was correct when he said that mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

Be that as it may, here are a couple of survival strategies for the elderly - who are endangered by hot weather.
(a,) spend the day at the library.
(B.) Sit in front of the fan mother naked except for a wet sheet.
(c.) Get some frozen peas out of the fridge, wrap them in a pillowcase and stick them in your armpits and groin.
(d.) If you know an elderly person, check on them. If people aren't used to heat they can cope with it in a bizarre fashion. When an unusual heat wave hit Chicago, some elderly people closed up their windows "to keep the heat out" and Chicago ran out of morgue space. People in the southern boondocks would never imagine doing that.

Keep your stick on the ice. I'm pulling for you.
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