Immune compromised woman 1st US measles death in 12 years.

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With the nonchalant attitude of peddling immune modulators on TV for rheumatoid arthritis and eczema coupled with declining immunization rates, this sort of thing is easily predictable.

Because she was immune compromised she didn't show all the symptoms -- but the measles pneumonia gave the game away.

Unless a high enough population percentage of people are immune to prevent spread, every pro-dromal but infective measles case is a boojum ready to carry off every cancer patient (and now some RA & eczema) in town.

I know of a nurse who once contracted measles by walking into a room 30 minutes after a case of measles had left. She said, as I recall, that the pain from  those koplick's spot in the mouth is definitely something you don't forget
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