How does paint composition affect the way it flows?

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Nicol du Venage  asked the Naked Scientists:
I want to investigate the movement of watercolour paint through watercolour paper each time changing the property of the water by adding salt, sugar, soap and heating the paint.

Can I ask that you please explain why there might be changes in the way the paint flows?


What do you think?
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Re: How does paint composition affect the way it flows?
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Some changes are due to changing the viscosity of the paint, this allows it to flow more or less easily or to be absorbed more easily into the paper. This will also show differences when applied over other washes eg wet on wet.
 Some additives cause the pigment particles to separate from the water  and clump in a granulation effect. Alcohol will not mix completely with water and dries before the water leaving ring of lighter colour on the paper.
Experimentation is the only way as different pigments can react differently.
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