Destiny does not exist. There Facts Probability

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Destiny does not exist. There Facts Probability
« on: 13/07/2015 23:59:01 »
Fate Not There. But there is a probability facts.

The destination does not exist. The destination does not exist the way we know it. Fate would not be a force. Fate has no power to control the course of our lives, because the destination does not exist.

There trajectory. And this trajectory is not controlled by fate, simply because it does not exist. The path is influenced by the facts of Probability. However, the facts of probability also not be a dominating force acting on our paths, but a set of influences trajectories.
The facts of probability can not be called Destinations, as this would be to consider that target exists the way we know it. The Facts probability is only an unknown fact that can be read by calculation.

The Universal Path, first, by its supposed beginning, until its course, later time of existence, can be seen as a card game, preferably poker. No one controls the game, there are only winners and losers, until the roles are reversed, where winners and losers lose win. In the game, it is considered the lucky ground between the players, a term that succumb later to take into consideration that the target does not exist as we know in fact.

The Facts Probability is the activity of interaction between the elements observed from probability calculations, as in poker game. That still does not mean we can calculate all of our careers and succeed with the result of our supposed future. For the future would be the result of the calculations on the facts of Odds. This is simple to understand if we realize that a person or a machine that works as calculator on a poker game, you must know the cards, the game, and calculate from that the possible possibilities with the right percentage of a possible victory in the game.

Still thinking about the Universal Path, thinking on a larger scale on the example poker, we do not know the game, we are amateurs beginners, we understand little about the offered cards, and of course in fact not also know our opponents, that is , we can not calculate successfully our possible chances to win the game, and since we do not know the game very well, we will hardly win a match. But what would make a game of this game in universal history? Would know the future of everything and so have knowledge about our own future? All the more universal question about the facts of Probability.

The interaction between each element in the universe generates results of action and reaction, and that the interaction of these elements itself is already a result of some action and reaction greatest influence. This set of interactions can be considered as a probability facts.
It is logical that we can not but speak in time and space to talk about facts Probability. By observing a watch, we take into consideration that the time of a clock has a limited space.

The time of a clock has a limited space.

We also consider that there is a possibility that one day build a time machine, that machine will not have the ability to perform travel for the future, for the time of a watch is limited, there may just be able to travel to the past, however, desconsidero latter possibility, to see that there is no past, to travel because this past became the present moment they are in now, the existence of time is a constant, all the elements are transformed with Over time, the present moment is the result, and the future will be the result of the present moment.

There is no possibility of time travel, because we already do it all the time, we are constantly traveling in time, therefore, exist in the universe, it is already traveling in time and space. Ie would not be possible to travel to the chosen time, because you can not control the weather, but we can still control the time of our watches in a limited space.

Time is a constant.

May travel to another dimension, so that they can preserve the material of the body, and then return to the source dimension would be the most likely way to move in space, completely without undergoing the influence of weather without undergo many significant changes of aging, if it successfully occur, there is a great possibility that the scope of its original size has been modified to the point you have the feeling that soon traveled back in time, even to the future, but reality is that you have just witnessed the mysterious resulting from calculation of time and space applied the conditions of travel between dimensions that kept the matter of his body, but that does not mean your sense of time accompany the radical changes of time and space. Taking also into account that this trip would have been done through a black hole, which would bring the right conditions for such a trip.

Fate, as we know, would the idea that we would be dealing with something constant and immutable, certainly nothing we could do to change this force, each of us would have our accounts in the target, and for some, could still change the paths of our lives but we could never change the destination. This is a great confusion of ideas, just that.

Life is a Facts probability, ie a result of that.

The facts of probabilities, is the calculation of the interaction between the elements of the universe.

As an example, the whole universe works basically like a card game, preferably poker.

Luck: Luck should be the name given to the specific moment it happens something very good in the midst of a bad situation, should be just that, but do not believe that luck is an influential force in the universe, not confuse it, that's an error because luck is favorable moments is when you favors with the probability of facts, there is no luck as a universal being or an entity.

With all my respect, but I will say vulgar way, Life is a game.

Written by Luangelys De Paula.